July 21, 2009

My husband, Paul Bunyan (minus the blue ox)

On Sunday we showed up at the Wee house all jazzed to start working on it. We've done little bits here and there over our tenure of ownership, but never a full fledged effort to really get the ball rolling.
First project up for the house is the garage plan. The plan starts with the demolition of the current structure, and the (unfortunate) removal of a Maple tree. My Husband decided he could undertake the felling of said Maple tree. Here is where I have to note that I did not agree with his decision to DIY, but he was a landscaper at one point in his life and has done it before.*

Husband (with chainsaw at the ready) assessing said giant Maple tree. I was diligently working on cleaning up all the overgrowth in the yard when I heard the dull roar of the saw, followed by a colossal crack...which meant the first giant limb was down. Thankfully it fell right where it was supposed to.

At this point in the afternoon we had to clear out the structure because the next giant limb was slated to land right on the rickety roof. Stored inside were our old salvaged pine and oak floor boards. Pulled out of an attic ourselves we love these stupid boards. They are huge, 13-20ft long, 12-24inches wide and massively heavy. We have grandiose plans for them in the future, I just don't know what those plans are exactly yet. All the boards were moved across the yard into the lean-to until we get the new garage up. Fun times were had by us carrying those suckers around two at a time.

I'm just going to gloss over the rest of the tree chopping down story until the very end. Because we all know that's the interesting part. It's now getting late and Pete's been diligently chainsawing away at the main trunk for over an hour now. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Turns out there is a chain buried deep within the tree, which dulled the blade.

Starting to fall...



One very tired Husband.

Posing with the chainsaw. As if I actually helped!
The chain buried deep within the tree

* here is where I have to mention. please please please leave tree removal to experts who know what they are doing. I would never ever suggest that anyone attempt a DIY lumberjack job. at the very least you'll be sparing your wife from the 15 heart attacks she has while you play around with the chainsaw.

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