July 7, 2009

The Great Tree Fall of '03

Remember this post? Well that wasn't the first time we came home to that scene in our backyard.

Allow me to take you way way way back to August of 2003. We're two months into home ownership when we pack up and head south for some sun in Florida. After a great week spent in Orlando and Key West we arrive home and pull into the driveway...only to see this before us.

What a whole lot of green our driveway has...

We were told by neighbors that a freak, unconfirmed tornado ripped through Wtown and our (must be 150 years old) Maple tree decided to let loose a limb and land it right smack on my boyfriends car. My car was safe only because we had his father come over mid-week to switch the cars around. There is no way my *super awesome* '88 Mustang 5.0 convertible would have lived through this.

Surprisingly the Acura did not get totaled, instead it got fixed back up courtesy of insurance and we drove it around for another two years. However, the AC never worked quite right afterwards.

I guess my point is this... owning a home is full of surprises. I would have never thought in a million years that a Maple tree would wage a silent war on us, eventually damaging three cars ( I left out the Explorer story), the garage and shed. But it did. and if you don't find the humor in these incidents and make yourself laugh about them at some point, then you'll eventually drive yourself into living in a underground concrete bunker.

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