July 27, 2009

Slow Start

Ever have one of those days where you just can't get started? That was yesterday for us. After sleeping way in we bumbled around the house like drunk ants trying to get ready for a day of renovation. Once fed and pumped full of coffee we hit up the grocery store for a beverage and ice stock up, then back home to grab the puppy so she could spend the day with us.

Halfway to the Wee house Pete realizes that he forgot his work clothes, which forces us to turn around. We loop back to the Wtown house and grab the missing clothes and finally head out for good.

Once at the Wee house we slowly start to realize the rest of the items left at home.

1- Permits. They have to get moved off the kitchen table and put on the front windows of the house.

2- My iPod... I need my iPod to do work around the house without turning into a major crank case.

-3- Camera battery. As I go to take my first picture the battery dies and camera shuts off.

There are just some days where you just can't get all your shit together. And yesterday was one of them.

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