July 7, 2009

Friday to-do got 50% done.

My free Friday of the three day weekend went by way too fast. I got a decent amount done on the to-do list but like always it didn't get completely finished. Working in the sun gardening killed me! I was wiped after just a few hours. Or at least that's my excuse for not finishing the list.

Here is my fancy shmancy house related to-do list for Friday:
- Weed Garden Check!
- Mulch Garden Check!
- Stare at Tomato Plants Check! I do this everyday anyway.
- Farmers Market! Check! Got a bag full of local produce and peach cider.
-Finish Laundry with my amazing new Iron No check.
- Clean out the lower Kitchen Cabinets (this one depends on my level of ambition) Who was I kidding with this one? Way too ambitious.
- List stupid hot tub on Craigslist. No. The stupid thing is still there.
-Pull out Poison Ivy creepers Nope.


  1. Since when do you have a hot tub?

  2. I'm a baller. All ballers have hot tubs.

    Or we've had it ever since Pete's sister wanted to get rid of it (years ago) and its been sitting empty in our backyard as proof that we are slightly trashy ever since.