July 10, 2009

A garage that doesn't creep me out!

Feast the eyes on to our new, fancy pants garage plans!!
After a lot of google searching for "Garage Plans" we did an around the town garage stalking walk to help figure out what we liked and wanted for ourselves. The garage stalking definitely helped because you can see how the structures translate to real life, instead of just a picture online. Since the town is historic/old a lot of the houses have original carriage houses and barns in the back of them we decided to try mimic those looks and make our garage look old but be new.

I guess it doesn't look that old or historic. But what can you do? The budget does not allow for something super crazy extravagant. We'll start with something basic and when/if the budget allows, add the special touches are we can afford them.

As for the garage itself, it will be a four car garage (two deep) with a car port off the side for our everyday drivers. There will be a second story/loft area for storage or future rec room for the kiddos we don't have. The new garage is going to get placed using almost the same foot print as the existing larger structure. Which is excellent because we really didn't want to break up the slab of concrete that is already down.

Whenever everything gets said and done... which is hopefully by this winter... I think the Mustang, Fiat and Land Cruiser will be very happy in their new home. And now for some gratuitous shots of us with the Mustang because I love this set of pictures. Pete was adamant about the car getting some lens time during our engagement shoot. Our wonderful photographers even indulged Pete's wish for some Pony solo shots.

pictures by Spark photography!


  1. hi! i came across your blog from another renovation blog i read, i've been enjoying reading back, you first renovation looks great and i can't wait to see what you do to your new house.

    my dad also has a fiat, that's not something you hear about all that often. what kind of fiat do you have? the new garage plans look really nice.

  2. Katie-

    Thanks for the kind comments! I checked out your blog and your house looks great too. Love the before shot of the very PINK living room.

    We have a '78 Fiat Spyder Convertible. It looks cute sitting in the garage...

    - eva

  3. eva (love your name by the way) -

    we had a spyder too at one point, but it was sold because we (and by we i mean my dad) ran out of room in the garage...

    yes, the living room was very pink! i don't know how someone could live in a room with that much pink!

    ps - when you write a draft and then want to publish later, you have to go to the bottom where it says "post options" and change the date/time there. hope that helps!