July 27, 2009

Garden State Air

Yesterday we opened six windows in the Wee house! That might sound so minor to some, but its huge to us! Previously all the windows in the entire house had been sealed shut. Some were nailed shut, other just encased in plastic and most had been fitted with internal moldings that cut off any air gaps.

Imagine a 100+ year old home that has had almost NO air circulation for over 20 years. Now add a dog that would wee all over the carpets so much that carpets were always damp, mix with shoddy septic system. And what do you have?! Stank Air.

You can't believe how great it felt to have some fresh NJ air blowing around the house yesterday. I felt like a freaking champion after getting each window open-efforts that took no less than a sawsall, crowbar, screw driver and utility knife.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, the windows are not original to the house. Which means no awesome wavy glass windows for us, but it also mean that I didn't feel any pangs of guilt when my crowbar landed through a window instead of the miniblinds I was aiming for.

Since everyone likes blogs with pictures and my camera died yesterday- enjoy an old picture of my little helper buddy Nala.

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