July 23, 2009


Earlier this week we got some very exciting news from the township that our Garage Construction permit was ready! I was so excited until Pete told me the cost.

Who knew that a simple piece of paper could cost so much money. The construction permit alone is 7% of our total garage budget. um. yikes.

While in the permit office we filled out an application for the house interior demolition. At this point we've only done some cosmetic removal, but there are big demo plans in the future and I wanted to make sure we were legal going foward. One of the last things that we need is the inspector coming out to check on the garage, take a peek in the house and see a massive demo project that wasn't permitted. Paying major fines, project delays and creating a bad name for ourselves in our (very) small town is not what we want.

One massive check later we headed out of the office with all the paperwork in hand.

I can't wait to peel the plastic off our front windows and stick the permits right on them!

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