July 9, 2009

Garage Plans!

A garage is beyond just a "would be nice to have" item on our house wish list, it has become a necessity for us and my husbands vintage/project car collection. I like to joke that we could hold a parade with all our vehicles. In fact, our dream house house would have an old barn converted into garage because that is the only likely way that we would ever get all our cars under one roof.

It's not just about the cars though, because in our case with a looming major home renovation, we need a dry, secure and large space for storage during the work for the shorter term. We have a house full of stuff, and if our Wtown house ever sells, everything will need to get stored somewhere. That is, whatever escapes the massive stuff purge that will come after selling. There also has to be room for the power tool collection, drywall, studs, beams...

Enter our garage plans. Currently there are two structures on the Eboro property, and both are extremely dilapidated and scary. I've actually never ventured into one, that's how creepy it is.
Neither are suitable for cars and one is very structurally unsound, so a rehab plus garage modification is not going to work.

The large building on the right is just too haphazardly throw together to make any sort of good designed garage out of it. Also worth a mention are the cinder blocks that have noticeable spaces between them on some of the corners. If this was a cool old structure that had any sort of character we'd try to save it. But it isn't and doesn't have any character. Unless you count moss on the roof as character.

See? Not awesome. at all. Which is why we applied for a demolition permit to knock it down! Our neighbor will be so happy. The permit came in the mail this week, so soon enough everything will be gone! We're debating on how to do the demo work, especially when it comes to all the cinder block. Knocking them down is going to be some hard core work. Pete's been talking about renting a bob cat to help out... The town official who gave us the permit also handed over a card of a nearby facility who supposedly takes old cinder blocks and recycles them. So we just have to call to get the details and see if everything will work out.
Finally, the smaller metal rusted shed on the left is staying for now.
I might paint it. or not. We'll see.

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