July 14, 2009

True life confession

Shameful Confession: I am a pack rat.

I suppose the problem is bit genetic, my maternal grandfather was a world class champion pack rat. He had a chicken coop filled with oddly random yet useful items. Old wire? Got it. A three foot wrench? It's over there to your left. I don't blame him really, he was a product of his environment. Growing up during the great depression made a mark on him and his generation about consumer goods.

I, however grew up in the 80's. It is now 2009 and somehow I have a 4 bedroom house filled to the brim with random crap. How do I have an entire house full of stuff at the age of 26? That question has been on my mind lately. How is it possible for someone who used to make no dollars a year to have a house full of stuff? With that question being asked over and over (both in my mind and being muttered to myself) I've come up with the following answers:

-When people find out your moving they give you their old things that are no longer needed. You take said old stuff because you are poor, you like free stuff and this way no ones feelings get hurt.

-You put the old hand me down stuff into storage because " I might need it someday" That mindset would be the reason for keeping the old sheets that were given to us that are paper thin and scratchy. What the hell am I ever going to use those for? Maybe a drop cloth you tell yourself. Or a sails on a pretend pirate ship. or you'll need to jump of the roof one day and the sheets will make a perfect parachute while you hold the corners a la a cartoon.

-The sentiment of throwing away a crappy serving dish that was once your grandparents is too strong. You tear up and start to cry at mear idea of it.

-Organization. To most its an important habit to get into. To you, it's just another 12 letter word that starts with O. Kinda like Orangutans's. ( So I cheated a little)

I think these are the answers behind the reason to why my attic is full. Still searching to the reasons behind the basement, garage and the rooms in the OTHER house we own...

question- Do they do interventions for pack rats?


  1. It's called Clean House on Style, but since you can still walk in your house, I don't think you qualify yet.

  2. I am right there with you. I keep everything that might have a possible use one day. If I throw something out, I will inevitably need it the next week. I hate junk and I hate clutter, it drives me nuts! I just shut the door to the room that houses all of my stuff with no home.