January 28, 2010

41 years ago today...

Last time I worked on the living room I found a bit of still readable newspaper stuffed in a corner that was previously covered by a wall, I love finding items with dates on it! Welcome to The Evening Bulletin's edition of Women Today. Printed January 28, 1969

A little excerpt from the "Pants Dominate at Saint Laurent" article.

"Women who have reservations about wearing pants all day, every day, will pick and choose from the wide Saint Laurent selection. He has some marvelous new rain pantsuits with belted tunic or safari jacket tops. He has U-necked jumpsuits under collarless button-down-the-front semi-fitted tunics. He has three-piece silk crepe pants ensembles in the ochre, gray, black and white polka dot or dotted checkered prints he repeats and repeats in his collection. He has silk jersey pants outfits and wool ones, with short or maxi length trench coats- one of which is a jazzy country check."

Just reading the term "rain pantsuit" makes me smile.

I have to admit, I'm digging the little white dress the model is wearing. It's super sharp and something I'd wear around in the summer. In fact it reminds me of the dress I wore for our wedding rehearsal and dinner. Which incidentally, my Dad thought was my actual wedding dress.

Part of the reason why I love renovating old houses so much is the potential to find some really interesting things. So far the Wee house walls have turned up an American flag, a mouse skeleton and part of a fruit packing crate from California. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a box of money to show up under the attic floor boards. Which reminds me that I should do a post about what we've found in the Wtown while working on it. Anyone unearth anything really cool during their renovations? You know, the diamond ring that fell out of the wall? A old Dear John letter that was written but never sent? Let me know! I love hearing about old found items.


  1. When I saw that dress, I instantly thought of your rehearsal dinner dress.

    And it cracks me up that only 40 years ago women were debating wearing pants.

  2. About 18 years ago, I was helping my mom renovated one of our apartments by ripping out the drop ceiling. While I was removing one of the panels, down fell a newspaper from the late 1800's and (you won't believe this) a rifle from World War I. Yeah, I yielded big money that day. LOL!

  3. I found a glass coke bottle in my wall. I wasn't really expecting to find something like that, especially because my home was built in the 80's.

  4. We found an article from the 70s about a Disney parade float behind some wallpaper and some of our original solid wood doors in the basement.