January 5, 2010

Why Hello January.

Oh hi. I've been missing lately, sorry! Would you believe that I went almost 11 straight days without accessing the Internet? No? Well you shouldn't, because I did sneak on the husband's work blackberry occasionally so I could email and facebook. What can I say, an addict will take what they can get.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season, I know mine was great and like always blew by way to fast. How did it get to be 2010? I feel like we are just a blink away from the beginning of the decade. Speaking of the decade it was quite the banner one for me, in the last ten years I've done more than I once ever thought possible and yet life keeps getting a little bit crazier, busier and exciting every day. I'm stoked to see what the next ten years holds.

In the past decade- I learned to drive, got my braces off, graduated high school, went off to college, met my last boyfriend, watched my sister get married, got engaged, landed myself real adult full time job, became a homeowner (x4), graduated college, met my adorable nephew, got laid off, was a bride, morphed into a wife and somehow an adult at the same time.

Even the past year highlights include: Valentines Day in Washington DC, First visit to Las Vegas (and coming home ahead!), day trip through the Nevada/California dessert to visit LA, Bel Air & Santa Monica, losing my Zaida, Ireland and drinking lots of Guinness, first wedding anniversary and anniversary food poisoning for Pete, putting the house on the market, diving head first into working on the Wee house renovation, watching my mom get married, road trip to Rochester, NY and Canada.

It has been a good year marked with moments of great sadness. But you know what, you can't appreciate how sweet the good is without knowing the bad. I'm lucky that my life leans heavily towards apples dipped in honey more often than not.

As for this year and my house-ish resolutions? and yes I'm well aware that is almost a week after New Years, I run late. Just ask anyone whose every waited around for me to show up, they can verify that us running on time just doesn't happen. Usually I do a big resolution and have had pretty good success with keeping it. My blood pressure thanks me for the year I gave up adding salt to every single meal without even tasting it first. For 2010 here they go-

1- Compost more.
2- Carry my reusable bags and SS water bottle more.
3- Organize myself just a little bit more than the hot mess of an organizational nightmare that I am right now.
4- Keep up with the blog!
5- Stop buying cheap and uncomfortable shoes.
6- Learn more about architecture, specifically turn of the 19th century homes.

and do everything in my power to get our house sold!!

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  1. You write so well! From getting your braces off and giving me the biggest smile I ever saw - after not opening your mouth for two years - to becoming a Mrs. and an Aunt. What a ride!!!
    Love M.O.M.