January 6, 2010

Living Room Demo- Almost there!

I really wanted to get the Wee house living room broom clean by the end of the year. Some might say that it was even a goal of mine to get that done before I drank champagne in celebration of the new year. Well big fat goal fail. The super snow storm stomped on the plans that we had slated for working hard core on the Wee house all weekend. It was our last available time slot before the holiday festivities began their full swing. I think that if we had that weekend available for renovation work that the living room would be cleaned up by now, but oh well. The snow was so worth getting set back and not meeting that goal.

We were able to to the house on the 26th of December, fully intent on getting a lot of work done! Except that we couldn't. Because there was about a foot of water in the basement. Two feet of snow melting in about a 24 hours because of day long rain equals a lot water for our basement. Pete wasn't going to walk through the flood to get to the electrical panel to turn the electricity on. We leave the electricity off in the house except for when we're there. Thankfully my ipod was fully charged and broom cleaning requires no electricity, so I just put my earbuds in and got to work. However the husband was pretty cramped on his workload because it required using electricity. Don't worry, he quickly found something else to work on for a few hours.


And the After.

I like how clearly you can see the bumpy top layer of flooring here. It is almost like I have a bounce house in the living room, that is how much the thing moves when you walk on it.

This side of the room has a really dark corner on the left hand side. I love natural light (who doesn't) so the bleak corner bother me a little. However, that window is actually inside our craptastical wrap around plastic porch thing. So right now it receives very little light, hopefully once the plastic thing gets torn down the corner will be a brighter place.

The other side after, with all our construction stuff neatly arranged.

Once all the remaining bits get swept off of the floor I'm going to go around the room and pull off the rest of the plaster from the walls. Because the piles on the floor got so high at times there are parts closer to the bottom that couldn't be reached during demolition. You can see those remaining bits it in some of the pictures. After that is done I'll sweep again and shop vac the floor as much up as possible. Which is when I'll consider the living room demolition DONE!

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  1. Thank goodness you are not living amongst the construction!