January 18, 2010

Rough Start on the Bathroom

About five minutes into the bathroom renovation a slightly large snag happened. I wasn't there when said snag occurred, since I was busy toning my buns by running up and down the stairs for funsies. Just kidding, I was actually pretending I was a pack mule and was currently on my 10th trip up the stairs when Pete met me in the hall holding a funny bit a metal in his hand. Why, it was only the water shut off valve that snapped off when he tried to turn it.

Trip to the hardware store number uno. Thankfully there are two small, but well stocked, hardware stores a few minutes of the condo.

That night Pete attempted to get all the tile down on the bathroom floor, because it needed time to cure and then get grouted before the toilet could be put back in. So we figured overnight and morning curing would be best for the tile, and then I could grout in the afternoon while Pete fixed the shower plumbing. That would allow us to put the toilet in late that evening and get the shower back.

At 2 am, after slamming down a Red Bull, Pete saw the flaw in our plan.

We bought a box of tile in the wrong color.

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  1. Ugh! Home improvement stores should be open 24 hrs.