January 21, 2010

Grouting PSA

PSA-Don't grout while hungover.

I still maintain that on January 1st I was just really feeling a little under the weather from the effects of a little cold that I'd fought off the previous day. My sitting on couch all afternoon eating pretzels and watching a Biggest Loser Marathon on Bravo (season 3, where Eric wins) had not much at all to do with the fact that I'd been out the night before.

In an effort to at least accomplish SOMETHING on New Years Day I went upstairs and worked on grouting the bathroom. It was horrible. My awesome grouting skills were on par with those of a trained monkey. Instead of finishing the bathroom I gave up when the bucket of grout ended and went to go get Mexican food instead.

Feeling so much better the next day I went into the bathroom and recoiled in horror. My one true DIY skill was staring back at me in a horrific display on the floor. Why oh why didn't I just stay on the couch?! Breaking out a screwdriver I diligently chipped away at the worst parts.

This would be my final and 3rd attempt at grouting the floor. And I was going to knock it out of the park. Fixing my grouting mistakes was the pits. Especially when Pete would come in and point out parts that I was already attempting to fix. I got a little defensive and kicked him out of the bathroom. What can I say, I was really sensitive about fubaring the grout the day before.

Our newly installed door, threshold and ungrouted floor.

The floors and threshold nicely grouted! Unfortunate the new door had to get taken off temporarily. In the end everything worked out well. The floor does look fantastic, if I do say so myself, and is such an improvement over the vinyl sheet that was there before. Now I can't wait to get back and finish up the rest of the work. Finding the time is proving harder than we thought, hopefully soon we'll get back there! At this point we think we're about three more weekends worth of work away from completion.

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