January 10, 2010

Sunday Second Showing

Through out our long adventures with selling this house I've always maintained a love hate relationship with showings. I realize that showings are a necessary part of selling your house. Buyers need to be able to tour homes and see if they want to purchase it! However, a showing can be massively annoying. Cleaning an already clean house and making your home look un-lived in is so hard! Then there is factoring in getting rid of any hint of a pet. Getting our hyper active dog and master escape artist cat wrangled into the car is also really stressful.

All this work is really worth it (hopefully) and comes with the territory of selling a house. It may be inconvenient but we singed up for it! So I try not to complain too much and maintain a positive outlook for every showing.

Out of all our 20+ showings, my favorite are the ones that are on back to back days. Those types of showings mean that we only have to touch up the deep cleaning, instead of having to do it all over again. Despite our (my) hurricane like tendencies to rip through the house leaving a mess in my wake, I can usually manage to keep the house looking spotless for 24 hours.

My ultimate favorite types of showings are SECOND ONES! We've only had two far. One was a fake one too, an old relative of the owners who wanted to see the house. Then she wanted to bring her mom back for a tour. After the other second showing the peopled ended up buying our neighbors house instead. Major Bummer.

Today we had our third second showing! One of the buyers from yesterday called last night and scheduled another showing for today. When the realtor called last night to let us know I started crying. It was just such a good sign. and I'm a crier.

So, we super spiffed up the house this morning in hopes of it making a fantastic second impression. Now that its all over I can't lie, I feel really neutral about all this. Not so excited that I'm holding my breath for an offer, but not so down that I'm counting an offer out. Somewhere in the gray middle.

Please cross your fingers that something good does come from this showing.

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  1. so... any news from the second showing? good luck, i can only imagine how stressful selling a house would be. i would be horrible at keeping it clean!