January 20, 2010

Bathroom Paint Color(s)

After pouring over countless color combos and paint chips we narrowed the selection down to four prospective bathroom colors. Sometimes the little chip just isn't enough to get a true idea of how the color will work in a room. In the past we've made a few wrong choices with picking paint colors, so we decided to learn from our old mistakes and got samples cans mixed up to make sure we got the exact right color for the bathroom. Thank you Behr for your adorable mini paint can samples that are oh so useful. I love them!

Right before I dipped the paint brush into the first sample can I remembered that the water was turned off. There was no way that I would be able to wash the brush off between samples or at the end of the trial. We usually try to spend a little bit more for a quality paint brush, so I really didn't want to ruin this one because of the lack of water. Plus I needed the brush for later, it was going to be the brush used for painting along the...trim.

Paper towels will work as a paint brush in a pinch! Would I recommend painting your entire room with a roll of Brawny? No. But a little touch up or sample coat it is fine to reach for the paper towel.

Looking at the colors on the wall I picked my choices right away. Without disclosing them to Pete I asked for his favorites. And they were the same as mine. I love when that happens! Can you guess which ones we both picked?

Don't worry- I'm not going to drag our color choices out.

We picked the middle ones. The lighter color is Vellum Parchment and will go on the wainscoting and trim. Darker is Toasted Mocha and will be the wall and ceiling color. Both by Behr!

That night we dragged our dirty selves to Home Depot and picked up a gallon of each color. As well as tube of wall patch to fill in all the holes that the old bathroom fixtures left behind. That giant hole in the wall was actually made by Pete to reach the shower plumbing. We're going to create an access panel there for future plumbing needs, instead of having to tear out the wall again.

You can see the ceiling in this picture, Pete painted it the same color as the walls to help the small room feel bigger. I love it! The ceiling looks awesome and blends so well with the walls now.

You like our fish decals? I know- how awesome and stylish right? They fit SO WELL with our plans for the bathroom. If it was opposite day.

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