January 8, 2010

A Bathroom Renovation, the before

Say hello to our special littlest bathroom. :::Hi bathroom::: Located inside the 3rd door and right at the top of a spiral staircase is where its located. This bathroom and it's renovation happens to be the second reason that I ran out of time before the New Year to get the Wee house living room all cleaned up. Both of us had the last week of December off from work, so our mission was to get down the 3rd door and work our butts off getting the bathroom renovated. I told you we're constantly splitting focus on the different houses!

The bathroom came with the lighthouse theme, and we've kept it until now. Not pictured are the lighthouse shower curtain hooks and about 199 lighthouse pictures that are/were hung about the bathroom. See if you can spot the lighthouse nightlight that is in one of these pictures.

Hiding behind the lighhouse shower curtain is a lovely ivory formica shower and bath surround. With fish decals.

Yeah, that is TP under the sink. I'm showing it because I'm a real person who stores her extra Charmin under the sink.

The bathroom doesn't have the worst decor ever seen by any stretch of the imagination. But everything is quite outdated and could definitely use a boost into this century. Also, the bathroom is in very high use during the rental season and there were definately problems starting to pop up. Last year we got hit with a few emergency repair bills that sucked. The functionality of everything in the bathroom was starting to slide down hill. We wanted to address those problems before they cost us renters and higher repair bills during the summer.

Is the bathroom finished now? Ha! yeah right. It's somewhere around the "three more weekends and we'll have this done" stage. It might even look like the above picture of where the sink used to be.

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