January 25, 2010

Fan Venting and Cut Corners

Quick fan story...

Pete is fanatical (ha! get it?! I'm so lame) about making sure the bathroom exhaust fan is running whenever someone is taking a shower. The fan then must remain on until the bathroom is no longer steamy. Even though a fan deprives me of the steamy bathroom showers that I love, I accept that I have to do what is better for my house over my personal showering preference.

While redoing the bathroom over at the beach condo Pete gets up on the ladder to take out the old vent fan and install the fancy new light/vent unit. With the new combo unit if the overhead light is on, the fan will be on.

Pete takes down the fan. And realizes that since 1984 the fan has been venting to nowhere. It was just a fan and motor that made whhr sounds attached to our ceiling. A quick peek into the shared attic area confirmed that not one other unit had a vented bathroom fan. The builder was a corner cutter.

No wonder I liked taking showers there.

Now the new fan/light actually vents. My Husband, the not corner cutting fanatical fan installer.


  1. We don't have a fan. I love my "steamies" and whine should anyone {*cough*Rob*cough*} open the bathroom door and let them out. I'm also the wuss/genius who warms her towel on the radiator. Old homes have their perks.

  2. We don't have a fan, nor a window and I love it. The new house has a large window instead. *pouts* I love steam. Hubby is surprised I don't burn my skin off with each shower.

  3. Glad to hear we aren't the only house with venting issues. Our master bath fan vents to the hallway bathrooms fan. Yup, they share the same vent tubing. Ridiculous. We've got to get that fixed!

  4. Vent? Fan??? Are bathrooms supposed to have them?
    I soak in the tub and love the steam. But I must remember not to leave the bathroom door open afterwards or the fire alarm in the hall will go off.

  5. Sometimes when Pete isn't home I don't use the fan when I shower. Such a rebel I know! I consider it my little indulgence every once and a while.