January 21, 2010

Showing #23

We had another showing this afternoon.

Do I feel hopeful? No.
Am I so emotionally ready to move on and feel ready to sell this house yesterday? Yes.

You know what was really awesome about the showing today? They didn't close the office door all the way and the cat was able to slip in (hopefully after they left) and take a massive poo on the floor. Our cat seems to think that the office carpet is her free for all litterbox, even though she favors one corner. We've already replaced the carpet once.

One day I'm going to make a post highlighting all the crap in the house that my cat has ruined during her 6 year tenure here. It is going to be the longest post ever.

Please Please Please tell me that I'm not the only one with a destructive pet out there. Please.


  1. You're not. My dog Daphne has some serious submissiveness issues with my husband, so when we moved in with him she started making little piddles all over the carpet of our condo. Sometimes we'd see her do this and clean it up, but a lot of times we didn't... and then we noticed that the entire dining room (her padding of choice) was piss-stained and rank. It's delightful having to have the carpet steam cleaned every time we want to have company over. And why don't we just replace the carpet you ask? Because while she is much improved, she still has her moments and my husband does not see the point in replacing carpet now only to have to replace it again when we move in the next year or so. It is one of the great failures of my life to not be able to help my dog get over her fear, and as an anal-retentive house cleaner it drives me to the brink.

  2. One of our cats likes to poo on the floor whenever he doesn't get his way. Which can be anything from not getting fed the instant he thinks he should to not being let in or out quickly enough for his liking - in other words, nothing that we can actually avoid without spending our entire lives literally running around after the cat. Luckily we have the litterbox in the laundry so the floor is tile, but do you know how gross it is to have to scrub cat crap out of tile grout? Same cat also prefers carpet and couches to the very nice scratching post. Little turd.

  3. thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday, you are right, i should just go with what i want. i think i'm going to try to get the room completely painted this weekend and then go from there. and i love the wedding dress story :-)

    as for your cat story... yikes! hopefully that was after they had looked in the office! and no, you are not the only one with a destrutive pet - i have 4. luckily they all seemed to be past most of these bad habits (i hope!) my one cat when through a chewing phase where he ate really strange things, but mostly shoes, purses, and cords. he ate 3 cell phone chargers. i was always afraid he'd get shocked! plus it was awkward when we had people over and i always was putting their shoes/purses in the closet so the cat couldn't eat them. my other cat has some "litter box issues", but that seemed to have improved since we moved to our house and we are able to keep the litter boxes in the basement. and the dogs... yeah. there's a reason why our 5 year old goldens still have to be in their crate or gated into one room when we're gone. luckily they haven't ate anything in awhile, but when they were puppies they ate a wall - like drywall, woodwork, everything.

    i think when/if we ever sell our house, i'm going to have to move the pets out first!

  4. Our dog poops in the same general spot in the family room out of spite when we're gone every few months or so even if he went right before we left. He'll also eat any tissue paper left in his sight. Now he'll take one diaper out of the diaper holder and shred it to pieces if we leave the nursery door open while we're gone. Have to love pets.

  5. Hi, I just read your blog through from beginning to end, and after seeing how much work you've done on this house and are doing on the wee house I'm resolved to stop complaining about how long it takes to paint all the trim in our house. I also just painted our bedroom grey this weekend so I loved the photos of your grey room with pink accents.

    Just from looking at your pictures and from hours of HGTV consumption, do you think some staging will help your house sell? It seems especially like the red room is a really personal style (I'm trim obsessed, can you tell?) that might put some people off.

  6. You are not alone! My husband wanted a lab puppy. After telling him no for three years, I finally let him get one last summer. My yard will never be the same. He even ate my built in patio benches and the trellises that had Jasmine growing on them. I would try to add up how much money he's cost us in replacements and repairs, but that would just make me sad.
    It's a good thing he's cute.

  7. @ Anon, I can not even tell you how much I hate the red in that room. I was just telling Pete the other day how I'm jonesing to paint it, even though the house is on the market. We've never heard a bad complaint about the paint colors, in fact have only received compliments, but you never really know what people are thinking on the inside. I'm trying to work out the logistics of painting the room (and trim) soon. Hopefully I can find the time.