January 9, 2010

Saturday Showings

It has been a couple of slow months on the house selling front for us, which we did expect since winter is the standard dead time for real estate. Houses all around us are pulled off the market in hopes of the erasing their "days on market" count and starting again at zero in the spring. We decided to chance it and leave our house on the market so it could stand out in the smaller "for sale" house pond. Just hoping it will help to attract that rare winter buyer.

It still hasn't proven itself to be a good or bad decision, more like a neutral one. We only had one showing in December, right before the holidays. So you can imagine how surprised we were to get the call from our real estate office for a showing this weekend. Even more surprised when we received another call, for the exact same time. One of the agents agreed to come early though, so we got two showings for the mid-am Saturday morning. Pretty much the most convenient time ever! Clean Friday night and then just take the two pets over to the Wee house with us when we leave for the showings.

Now we're back from doing a couple hours of work over at the Wee house and thankfully both sets of showings seem to have to shown up! Two different Realtor cards are on the dining room table! I can't help but to feel positive about this. Not so positive that my hopes get risen only to be crushed when we don't get an offer. But optimistic that there are buyers out there and they are still interested enough in our house. I still can't help crossing my fingers and hoping that an offer comes our way sometime soon.

You know how if a bird poops on you its considered lucky? Well does anyone know anything about dog vomit having the same luck effect? Because on the way back from the Wee house Nala the dog ralphed right onto my lap.

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