June 17, 2009

Evolution of the Shed...

Pardon me, I mean Summer House...
When we moved in the shed looked like this, and was completely empty except for piles of old leaves. As the house renovations went on the shed was used to store all sorts of random construction materials. Much easier to store stuff in a building that actually had a roof, unlike like the house for the first summer.

Then in 2008 we came home from a wedding to this lovely sight. A freak March storm tore one of the HUGE limbs off the old Maple tree and landed in right onto the shed and garage. Those two roofs got crushed and littered full of Maple branch shrapnel. Not even the Mustang was spared inside the garage...the poor car caught a couple of new dents from limbs coming through the roof.

Pete replaced the garage roof last summer, it was a few weekends to rip everything off, patch and re-shingle. I can't help much with roofs being that I hyperventilate somewhere around the second rung on the ladder. Once the roof was finished Pete painted the garage to match the house, and it looks awesome now all spiffed up!

However...we did nothing to the summer house shed. In fact the area around the shed got completely overgrown last summer with all sorts of weeds, poison ivy, seedlings and other useless plants.

Looks gross huh? and it was the first thing you saw while pulling in the driveway. Pete and I bickered over fixing it up before putting the property on the market. I was pro fixing, Pete was against. He relented when the Real Estate Agents strongly suggested fixing it before the house got listed. So we took a weekend to replace the roof, clean the underbrush and paint. It was a long, no fun weekend...

Friday- Adult Married Person Date Night at Lowe's! Get all supplies needed for roof.

Saturday- Weed garden. Clean up shingles as Pete tears them off. Start pulling down creeping vines of poison ivy. Go to dump and help throw out all the shingles. Own personal hell at dump. Hot, Dizzy and getting leared at by the drunk guy next to us. Get back home and continue with clearing out overgrowth/poison ivy.

Sunday- Paint crusty old picnic bench red. Looks adorable now. Clear out more underbrush.
Husband finished roof right after the sun sets.

Monday- Realize that I am indeed allergic to poison ivy. Get home from work and break out the paint. Each of us picks a side and goes to work trying to beat the setting sun. Finish painting moments before its too dark to see anymore.

After one weekend of uber hard work from both of us, the shed is done! We're happy, our agents are happy...even the dog is happy!


  1. You guys are really quick workers! It would have taken us months to complete that project. It took 2 weeks just to get the bathroom painted. Summer cottage/shed looks great though, huge improvement!!

  2. Eva... wow! I remember when the tree fell. The summer house looks great now! You two are so good!

  3. Thanks everyone! The only reason things get done with the quickness around here is because Pete has a fantastic work ethic and never takes breaks! He'll go until the sun goes down and darkness fall. I'm usually lounging around "rehydrating" somewhere in the house mid day.