June 11, 2009

After- Bedroom #1 turned Office

Four bedrooms for two people who never have house guests is a little excessive. So we turned bedroom #1, which was the smallest and had the enclave for the walk up attic landing, into an office. We took off the door which really helped the upstairs hallway seem brighter and more open.

Not featured is the molding and new light fixture but there are no more bare bulbs in this room! This was one of the first colors we picked out while painting the interior colors years ago and it is currently one of the only ones that I still like. Sometimes going for a darker color or non neutral in a small space is risky but we wanted some color and personality in the room. I think the light floors, trim and ceiling help to keep everything from feeling like its closing in on you.

My husband made me the bookshelf and I love it! Its perfect for all our bookshelf needs (of which I have many) and is nice solid wood, quality piece of furniture. I can definitely see me moving that bookshelf to a ton of different locations all around the house over the years.

The old oak chair was picked up at a antique store for about $20 and I now think we overpaid. Especially considering that it has a huge crack in the back, needs to be recovered and the wood "carvings" in front pieces are not carved but glued on. Ce la vie. I want to paint the chair, and hopefully can convince Pete that I should make painting it a project soon.

The trunk is steamer trunk from around the 1900's and it hides all our random computer equipment, you know the stuff your never sure if you need to throw away or not. It has a flat top, so I plan on repurposing it as a coffee or side table in the future.

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