June 17, 2009

House for sale...

Last week we accomplished something a long time in the making. Pete and I sat down with our Realtors, talked shop and signed the sale papers. This is the first time we've ever put a property up for sale, so everything is uncharted sellers territory for us.

I can't help but to be stupidly optimistic about selling the house, even in a bad market coupled with a crappy economy. I guess all sellers see the greatness in their own homes, as they are such personal things. I'm attached to this house, far more than the buying who is simply looking at another listing. Everything reminds me of something, from the carpets we bought as our Christmas presents to the tile in the back splash we picked out and put up together. I can see ourselves growing and living in the house over the years, and now I'm opening it up for strangers to see the same things. Or for them to judge me on all the choices we made regarding renovation and decorating.

When we get a showing I always think the same things, will they see the potential? will the railroad turn them off before even stepping in the house? are these our buyers? The hour that we spend away from home is nerve wracking for me.

In one week we've scheduled five showings, with only one cancellation. Even if it takes 90 showings... that is only 18ish weeks if we keep up the current pace! Ha!I'm not so certain I can actually keep the house clean for 18 weeks.

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