June 5, 2009

What we bought

This was our new home in June of 2003 in all its Green and White glory. Even the roof was green and complimented the metal awnings so well. This color scheme extended to the garage and "summer house", which was nothing more than a glorified shed. Here is a hint people, just because the old owner liked hanging out in there during the summers of the 60's and 70's does not qualify a large shed to be called a summer house. Very mis-leading to a buyer perusing the MLS listings.

Some of the highlights that can be seen in this picture are our lovely lawn ornament of a railroad crossing pole, the rotted roof where one could stick your hand through to the outside and our gorgeous metal awnings that made the most wonderful tink tink tink tink sounds when it rained. I don't mean to go off on a negative tangent, because clearly anyone can see the house has visible challenges and we still bought it.

Not only did we willingly buy the house, but we were excited to do so! This was going to be our project and place where we could call home forever. The house had plenty of room for a us and then a family, with a great yard and a garage that could protect my boyfriend's precious 1967 Mustang.

I look back on the last six years in the house and smile. How far we've gone and how much I've learned from this house... its been a big part in a wonderful chapter in my life, one that I'm ready to close soon for the next one to begin.

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