June 4, 2009

House Hunting...

After the first house burned down, we moved back to the drawing board and started the search with even more intensity. The budget was still low. Really low.

One night the boyfriend approached me with what he called the perfect listing. He couldn’t figure out why the house had been on the market for so long. A quick drive by cleared that question right up. The house was in a bad state of disrepair that was not evident from the blurry realor listing and also not pictured was the fact that a rail road track ran right through the driveway.

While loving trains as a kid, the boyfriend wasn’t so thrilled with the idea of having a train run through his driveway. But the price was right and this house came with a two car garage. So a walk through was arranged. The owner was home and that always makes me really uncomfortable when I’m visiting a potential house to buy. Note to self, do whatever it takes to not be home when people are coming for a walk through.

Painfully outdated does not even begin to describe this house. It wasn’t just the old wallpaper all over the ceilings, or the “brand new” kitchen installed in 1968- the house was on the borderline of a decline to the point of no return. It was quite clear that all the basic maintenance of the house had been ignored for about twenty years and if a new owners didn’t decide to fix everything and just live in it status quo, that in another decade the house would be slated for a tear down.

However this house had a lot of charm and great potential to be our home. The town was great and the neighborhood looked loads better than the last one. We decided to take on the challenge of bringing the house back to livable conditions. What a couple of suckers for charm and potential we are!

My boyfriend inked the mortgage papers.
(and amazingly the house did not burst into flames)

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