June 8, 2009

The Kitchen, Before

While touring the house, the old owner sat in the breakfast nook and told us that the kitchen was entirely new. I'm almost positive that her exact words were "That kitchen is all new. All new kitchen". The part she left off was the year it was all brand new... In 1968.

I'm almost embarrassed to post such a messy picture, but its the only true before shot I have. So gross. (The amount of plastic bags is also very cringe inducing). However nothing is worse than the gold veined marble look counters and matching back splash.

The size of the stove is hard to see in this picture, but it was huge. I'd say it was a little bit bigger than most residential six burner stoves on the market today. Except it was only four burners, with only two of them that worked. Of those two only one worked right because the other one had no temperature control, so it would be red hot no matter the level at which you wanted to cook with. Did I mention that the one working burner tilted so far to the left that the contents of the pan would all slide down to one side? Fun times cooking on that stove...

Here our fridge, the Kelvinator, is seen. Oh, you've never heard of the Kelvinator brand before? Yeah, me neither until I bought a house that came with one.

Wide shot from the formal dining room door, looking through the breakfast nook onto the kitchen. What a lovely patterned floor we had...

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