June 15, 2009

The Deck

Welcome to the back door area! There are no before pictures of this space, but you can rest assured that it wasn't very pretty. At all.

A blah and rather useless side yard got turned into something so welcoming and relaxing pretty easily. We just added some hanging plants, a little side garden, grill and a seating area. Most nice summer evening we'll bring dinner/wine/beer out here and relax while dining al fresco. Since its just the two of us and we never ever host people, a tiny cafe table fit the bill perfectly. The metal table was an under $30 purchase from Home Goods, which is where we also snagged the rustic look wood folding chairs.

Planters full of flowers add cheer to the area. That is when I'm not busy killing all my potted plants with my black, oddly misshaped thumb. There is a little herb garden off the front of the deck and a butterfly bush. So far the garden has held Rosemary (Died), Lavender (transplanted), Oregano (Died), Basil (ate by Rabbits), Mint and Thyme. The mint is growing like ganbusters which pleases me greatly because I love Mojito's.

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