June 16, 2009

Master Bedroom After.

The master bedroom paint was my first experience with picking the wrong paint color from the tiny sample chips. Aiming for a light and soothing sage we ended up with something that was actual a very light, very bright Miami beach mint. This mistake taught us to always go a shade or two darker than the chip we liked. I find that paint usually ends up look lighter once its all over the wall.

Painting the room was a task I tackled in the summer of 2004. Since I was off for the summer and worked wacky retail hours I figured painting our bedroom would be a good use of my free time. I guess this room was my first official home improvement project on the house! And amazingly I stuck with the house even after ending up on the bed clutching the paint brush crying in the fetal position.

Having spent hours scraping off all the wallpaper I could, it was time to paint. Commence with rolling on the primer. Second layer of primer. First layer of paint. Stop rolling paint to pick off old wallpaper backing that decided to come off the wall. Paint. Stop and pick off layer of primer that has come off. Paint. Continue with the 'paint and pick off' pattern until one wall is finished. That is when I realize that color is not the spa inspired sage we wanted, but a bright Boca beach mint.

Grit teeth and I decide that maybe the color just needs a second coat. A second coat will solve all my color woes! Except the second coat just makes the color worse. The heat of a non AC room is combining with three layers of paint fumes. My thighs are sweating so much that I can't even crouch down to paint the trim without slipping and falling over.

The whole room is now the wrong color. My first attempt at picking something out for our house and it is horribly wrong. and its hot. I climbed into bed and just started to cry. An entire day spent working was wasted along my first chance to prove I was going to be a good designer for our home and it was all an epic fail.

Eventually Pete came home and laughed over the horrible paint color with me. We went off to the store and picked out a new, much darker, color. We still didn't get it quite right on the second go-round, but it was much better and I didn't feel like re-painting again.

The final after, like all our rooms the Master went through a few different stages before reaching this point. Those stages included carpeting, a built in for the tv, curtains for closet doors and bamboo blinds that did nothing to block the light. Slowly we ripped out the carpet, put down hardwoods, tore out the built in unit and reattached the closet doors with nicer hardware.

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