June 25, 2009

Where we eat, After

Here is our breakfast nook after we stripped it of all things made in the 60's. After that massive removal the room emerged as a full blown dining room. Not that it matters much because I'm much more a eat anywhere but the table kinda gal.

You'll notice that we extended the same oak hardwoods from the living room into here. I love how it helps to tie the long layout together. The room is so bright, open and sunny! Which is a complete opposite of the before.

Like the lamp? Its the second one we've had because someone ( named me) broke the first version when playing with the dogs one Black Friday morning. I felt so bad that I stayed home while Pete went out shopping with his best friend. Turns out that was the day he bought my engagement ring! So.. I guess its good I broke the light and stayed home :)

There are some hideous in-between pictures that include Salmon colored paint and a dark pine china hut. I have to dig those up for show and tell one day...

1 comment:

  1. Looks great!!!
    Someday I will dig up some old photos of your romm during the slob years and force you to post them.