June 19, 2009

The after, downstairs bathroom

Unfortunately there are no before picture to share regarding this bathroom. You'll just have to have faith that it was indeed horrible. I'm doing everyone a great favor by sparing you the visual of all the nastiness that was the before.
The walls are a very pale yellow, which really brightens up such a tight space. Even though the bathroom is small, it's great having another full bath in house! You never know when the upstairs loo will be out of commission like it was during our massive upstairs bathroom remodel. Also very helpful when the two of occupants of the house have to shower/ get ready at the same time.

Our bowl sink was the cheapest one at a big box home improvement store, it cost something around $99 and I thought Pete was insane for spending that much on just a sink at the time. Guess its a good thing that he didn't take me along while shopping for the faucet. I just ( years later) found out how much that thing cost and it took me a while to pick my jaw up off the floor.

The wash stand is actually a microwave cart from Ikea! It was somewhere around the thrifty $30 range and worked perfectly in the tight space with a few modifications! We even bought the matching cabinet and used the top to make a coordinating mirror. The mirror was so simple to make- take off backing, add pre-cut mirror, glue. Done.
See that little metal and white square on the door jamb? Right in the middle of picture, left hand side? That is actually our light switch! It's a touch screen and is almost completely flush with the wall. That where we had to put the light switch if we wanted it inside the room, so using the slim line touch was the solution to the problem. If we had to do a traditional switch, it would have had to be placed outside the actual bathroom. Which would have meant that there would have been many years of hijinks of turning off the lights while someone was on the john :)

This was the first tile floor that Pete ever put down and I think it looks fantastic! We used sage as a good neutral accent for the yellow paint because the standard blah beige just didn't look quite right. When this bathroom got finished it was so wonderful to have a completely clean and renovated place to shower. I then claimed it as "mine" and stuck Pete with the old lilac germ shower upstairs. So generous of me, I know.

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