June 23, 2009

written from a parking lot during a showing.

Selling your home…

is hard.

We’ve made the decision to sell. Regardless of the happy reasons why we’re selling, its still an emotional process. I didn’t realize how emotionally draining placing that for sale sign in the front yard can be. Now my heart skips a beat every time my husband calls me at work and asks how my day is going, because I always think the next phrase is going to be “I have news that will make today much better” You should see the stupid look that comes across my face every time the realtor calls us. It the perfect mix of hope, excitement and nerves all combined with me holding my breath.

Our house is cleaner than it has ever been before, and we make sure that every time we step out the door that everything is spotless. Not even regular spotless, but the kind where my loveable neat nut of a Mother in Law would approve. Coming from a reformed slob trust me when I say it is so hard (for me) to live in such a clean house, you feel as if nothing can get so much as a smudge. Any projects need to be finished in a short time, less they lead to creating a mess, or the worst offense of potentially creating an overnight mess.

I’ve considered walking around with floor dusters strapped to my feet and a Windex bottle taped to my hand just to maximize all available cleaning time.

We’ve been lucky and there has been a lot of interest in the house already. Showings lead to a false sense of optimism for me. Before them I feel so hopefully that wiping out all the window ledges will lead to an offer and despite our cat digging her claws into my neck as we drive away that everything is worth it. During showings a millions thoughts swarm my head as I wonder what the potential buyers are thinking about our house. Do they like it? Are they hating the living room color as much as me? Did they even show up? Afterwards I feel so dejected when there isn’t an offer sitting on the kitchen table.

After reading this I’m sure all other home sellers are shaking there heads at me. It is just a house. And I’m not the first person in history to put one up for sale. Don’t worry dear readers, soon I’ll stop being optimistic about showings and become jaded and bitter about this whole process.

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