June 19, 2009

Another showing today!

Our realtor called during dinner last night and of course my stupid wide-eye hopeful excited nervous face came over me. That face happens whenever he calls. He just was calling to OK the time for a showing tonight. Which is great, but man I was hoping for an offer.

In my last post I mentioned the nerves that my stomach gets when I know we're having a showing. Something about the feeling being along the lines of tap dancing caterpillars. I meant centipedes, the bugs with lots o' tiny feet, not caterpillars which are bugs that just inch along with no feet. Cause really, how would a caterpillar put on tap shoes when he has no feet?! Lets be somewhat realistic here!

1 comment:

  1. Has your Realtor given you any feedback after the showings? We used to get a lot (some of it CRAZY) after showing Bulls Head Rd.
    Love M.O.M.