June 11, 2009

Garage Before and After!

While house hunting we had a very short list of must haves. Simple things such as walls and a roof. While our house came close to not having a roof, I guess you can call five layers of rotting shingles a roof...

The number one must have was a driveway, so you can imagine how very thrilled my boyfriend was when the Wtown house had a two car cinder block detached garage. I'm pretty sure it was the garage that sold him the house. After 8 long years of sitting out in the weather my boyfriends 1967 Mustang was going to have a proper parking area. I think the car said thank you when it got backed into the garage for the first time.

Here is what the garage looked like before. The green and white house theme spread to the garage as well. No building escaped the green shingles, but thankfully it was awning free. I've circled (in pink) the exposed live wire that used to run right out from the house to the garage. All the insulation dry rotted off the wire. Super safe.

And After! This is the final after...

Yes, I have a weed filled driveway. I salted it recently and am waiting for all the plants to die before pulling them up. Weeding your driveway is a giant PIA.

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