June 4, 2009


Hi! I'm Eva, I'm a New Jersey newlywed who has an affinity for falling in love with the ugliest house on the block. Just call me a sucker for potential. My husband Peter and I have finally reached the stopping point on our current house and are itching to get it listed/sold/off our hands so we can move on to our next renovation. The next project up is what we affectionately call the "Wee House", which was built in 1888 and has solid bones with a whole lot of ugly packaging.

Since we already lived through one complete house renovation together, I'm confident we can do it again. Though it is quite possible all the paint fumes I've inhaled have made me forget how horribly annoying it is to live without a kitchen. That's the funny thing about renovations, the interruption of normal life is straining but once they are all over you have this great space to enjoy.

This is for everyone who asks "how's the house going?" Frankly most people don't want to hear about the discounted slate tiles you scored for 75% off in real life conversation or about the time you woke up during a surprise summer storm when the roof was off*.

In addition to keeping everyone posted about house progress, which is going to be painfully dull and long during the rip out and demolition phase, I'm going to keep all my ideas and inspiration here. Those ideas will help me motivated to get through this again without loosing my marbles.

*Although I swear that is a really funny story.

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