June 10, 2009

Bedrooms 1-2-3. Before

For the remaining three bedrooms I'm wrapping them up in one single post.

Welcome to bedroom #1 and my favorite parts of the before pictures.

  • Old crusty carpet that is yet again plopped down in a size that is roughly big enough, but still falls oh so very short of complete floor coverage.
  • The stenciling.
  • Fancy $1.00 roll up blind.
  • Did non of the rooms have light covers?

Bedroom #2, or the secret room. The door for this room was clearly built for a hobbit and being so small one would expect a room about the size of a closet behind it. Except its actually the second biggest bedroom in the house! Dingy, dirty and has the dubious distinction of having the most layers of flooring of all the rooms. (5)
And finally we have Bedroom #3.

Just the usual in here, ugly outdated flooring that doesn't fit. Horrible wallpaper border and a two tone wall where they clearly didn't feel like moving something to paint behind it.
The afters are coming soon! I promise!

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