June 22, 2009

Stripe Living Room After

Remember the old stripe on stripe wallpapered living room before? Thankfully that wallpaper peeled off pretty easily (for wallpaper) and we were able to roll up the not quite wall to wall carpet with ease.

Since we like color, and were primarily going to use this room for TV viewing- we decided on a deep, dark movie theater red. Which is a fantastic color for nighttime movie watching, the whole room gets nice and dark with all the focus on the screen in front of you. The room took a coat of tinted primer, which is a must for red paint, and three very heavy handed application of red paint.

All the trim is dark brown, which I've never loved, but I have no inclination repaint all the trim and no idea of what color I'd even use in its place.

The carpet was part of a Christmas present we gave ourselves way back in 2003, and it was (and still is) fantastic to have something clean and new underfoot. I got used to having crunchy carpets at first, so being able to walk around barefoot with no crunch is just wonderful!

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