June 16, 2009

i love my shower.

In our old and lovely Lilac bathroom I would clean by pouring bleach on the floor. Watching the bleach work its way down my tilted bathroom floor and pool into the corner was the only way I felt like the germs lurking under the peeling vinyl tiles would die. After my massive bleach pour I'd have to go lie down from the fumes and that would cut my bathroom cleaning time short. There is always an excuse when it comes to cleaning for me.

Here is the result from when we tried to fix the room up a bit... That meant replacing the toilet and sink with ones that looked like they were manufactured this century. Also I may have gotten over zealous again and peeled off all the wallpaper (shelf paper) in a fit of disgust for it.

Clearly the whole thing would have to get demo'd. There was no fixing this hot mess with paint alone. We got to work gutting everything, but leaving the original foot print of the bathroom in tact. Dealing with permits and moving plumbing are not my idea of fun and would have slowed the process down a ton.

I helped my husband hang drywall and it almost killed me. I held the entire ceiling sheet over my head as he screwed it in and my lungs threatened to blow up while inside my chest. My upper body was sore for days afterwards... I'm a complainer by nature though...so maybe it was more like minutes or hours.

Choosing the bathroom colors/tiles was pretty easy. The room is small and needed to look airy so a light color was in order, but we wanted something that looked like it could have been part of the house originally... or original to when indoor plumbing was invented. I love the subway tiles that are on the wall and shower more than a person should really love tiles.

The upper walls are leftover bead board, painted a cool grey because bright white walls would have looked too stark. The sink console was the best non sale buy we've ever gotten from Lowe's, it included everything! Even the mirror. I'm seriously in love with it and haven't seen it since we bought it. I guess they realized it was a good buy and discontinued it?

However the best thing about the room is something you can't see. We put in heated floors! and they are amazing in the winter. Everyone doing a bathroom renovation better put that on the top of the must do list. I can not stress enough how it makes getting out of your warm and cozy bed on a cold winter morning just a little less jarring.


  1. Did you put in radiant heat??

  2. BTW Eva, I love the title for this blog-- It sounds like it would make a great mystery story.

  3. Carrie- We bought a floor warming heat kit from HD, http://tinyurl.com/mnqokn and one of the floor mats. All together it was under $150. If you are planning on ripping up the bathroom floor I'd really look into installing a under floor heat source. It didn't take that much time or money for the great results we got, I would do it again in heartbeat.

  4. Love the renovations so far Eva! Do you remember exactly what color you painted the walls? We just had our black and white bathroom redone/updated and I chose a white with a grey undertone but I'm not sure that I'm in love with it.

  5. Lisa! The color is Lampshade Grey by Kilz. You can see the paint swatch online and see if that lines up more with the color you wanted.