June 10, 2009

Before- I Showered in that?!

Welcome to the bathroom, where the color Lilac came to die.

Everything in the bathroom was purple. From the purple veined tiles down to the lilac flecks in the linoleum floor. Where does one find a purple toilet you ask? I have no idea. Because even in a huge warehouse full of old toilets ( Second Chance Warehouses in Baltimore, Awesome for salvage stuff) I did not even see one lovely lilac commode. Take notice of the soap holder in the shower, it fell off on our friends foot one day not long after the picture was taken.

You like the wallpaper? It was actually shelf paper. Which is very thin, sorta see through and was tough as nails to peel off. Ironic, but the shelf paper/ wallpaper was NOT used to line the shelves of the bathroom's linen closet.

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  1. I haven't gotten through all the posts yet, but please tell me you kept the lilac toilet!!!