June 4, 2009

The start of the hunt

If I was really smart I would have started this blog about 6 years ago when my then boyfriend, future fiancé and now husband started his search for a new house. Guess I'm just a little behind the times...

Way back, over six years ago, Pete started the search for his first single family home. He was on, what some might consider, the tiniest budget ever for NJ. I'm not really sure if the boyfriend was actually looking for a handyman’s special or if it just evolved to that point after realizing those homes were the only ones available in the required price range. In a show of solidarity and because I love driving around aimlessly I accompanied him all over creation during those weeks doing the all important drive bys of any potential houses.

After countless “no” properties Pete seemed to have found a house in an especially crappy section of an especially crappy South Jersey town. Who gives a poop about the town, the house was cheap! Really cheap and it had a driveway which was on our short list of must haves. We did a walk through and with the puppy tucked in my arms we examined every aspect of the house.

Everything was painfully outdated, but the bones of the house were there for us to fix up. We could see ourselves living there, fixing it up before we moved on. It was the perfect lets not keep living in our college townhouse where people try to throw kegs onto your roof solution. The yard was small but cute and bursting with potential, even with the railroad tracks running through them.

No less than an hour after Pete signed the papers for our Realtor calls. The house was on fire and was currently burning down. No joke. Call it divine intervention or call it insurance fraud that was never proven. That house was just not meant to be.

So our search started all over again.

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