June 5, 2009

Before Eye Candy...

This is where it gets really fun. The before pictures.... Please keep in mind that in 2003 I never though I'd be posting these pictures for all the Internet to see, so they aren't the best. In fact I thought my boyfriend was nuts for taking pictures because everything was super fugly and why would we want to remember the houses horribleness? Now I'm so happy we have them. Sometimes you forget what your starting point really was and you forget how much work you've actually put into the house. All the painting and scraping starts to blend together after a certain point.

The front door.

Privacy- no. Huge window to the street.

Safety- no. Giant glass windows are easily broken

Rusty screen- Check!! Perfect for the infected cut you've always wanted

The stairs. Such beautiful carpet and a solid handrail.

The upstairs hallway.

Peeling patterned, textured wallpaper all over the walls and ceiling.
I'll post more before pictures as I find them! The final Afters will have to wait until next week. We're staging the house for sale, so it will hopefully look the best its ever been over the weekend.

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  1. I have to say that I just found your blog (Love it!) and it's crackin' me up as we're going through similar challenges with our own circa 1898 good bones, bad plaster starter.

    That being said - those stairs look like someone committed a murder and dragged the body down those stairs repeatedly just for kicks. Ick!