June 9, 2009

Living Room- Before

If you don't like dirty rooms, I suggest looking away now. We're getting out of the nicer fugly rooms and headed into the-omg-people-lived-like-this fugly rooms.

Enter our living room while I highlight one of my favorite before features. Please gander at the striped wallpaper. Notice how the subtle yellows, greens and browns play off one another in a deliciously 70's pattern.

Now check out the border. Why that looks like it matches the wallpaper! It does match, because it is the same wallpaper. Simply cut wallpaper into strips and hang on the horizontal! Wah-lah. Instant matching border. Bonus points if you get the stripes to match up. No worries if they don't or if you didn't cut in a straight line.

Here is also where you start seeing the running trend of not putting down wall to wall carpet and simply plopping a floor covering that is roughly big enough down. We got lucky in this room though, it only had two layers for pulling up.

1 comment:

  1. That wallpaper idea is SO creative. And there are no words for the lack of carpet.